May 31, 2018- Ongoing

2260 Atkinson St. Detroit, MI 48206


A group exhibition by Detroit-based artists Sarah Cohen, Ashley Cook, Marissa Jezak, Madeline Kuzak and Amber Locke takes place in the garden of a domesticated space. The name of the exhibition reconsiders the context of a specific history that publicly features large scale works by the most renown artists, and celebrates the freedom to take our own liberties to use the space around us as outlets for independent exhibition making. A liminality somewhere between familiar comforts and the uncanny sets a mood for this collaborative temporary installation.


Sarah Cohen
Nest, 2018.
Sticks, twine, fishing line, assorted ribbon, dirt



Ashley Cook
Hommage to a Mirage (Staying Alive), 2018.
(1’x 22’)



Amber Locke
Daybed, 2018.
Wood pallets, stain, fabric, foam, vinyl
(Approx. 2.5 x 6x3 ft.)



Marissa Jezak
Luminary (set of 2), 2018.
melted plastic, mushrooms, paint



Madeline Kuzak
The Lady in Black, 2018.
Acrylic paint on birch plywood
(2 x 4ft)