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Marissa Jezak (b.1992) is an American artist who makes sculpture, installation, two-dimensional works, and video. She explores themes of personal nostalgia and gender politics through a versatile studio practice that incorporates a wide range of materials, including many found objects and fabrics. Inspired by childhood artifacts and domestic spaces, she creates visceral forms and experiences that seek to investigate social constructions of femininity, intricacies of violence, and the use of art as a coping mechanism.

Jezak earned a BFA with honors in photography, with a minor in critical theory from the College for Creative Studies. She has completed residencies at Mother’s Milk and Nave Proyecto, and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, she has written essays, poetry, and exhibition reviews for publications such as the New Art Examiner, runner, and Detroit Research. She currently lives and works in Detroit, MI, USA.